Weather adversely affected the yield since Jan 2002 (une02)
File: shocks
Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimals: 0
Range: 1-2
Valid cases: 765
Invalid: 48
Questions and instructions
Literal question
Since January 2002, has the weather adversely affected the yield on your farm?
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If answer is 2 > Go to 6 (une06 - variable name in dataset).
Source of information
Primary male respondent
1 Yes 361 47.2%
2 No 404 52.8%
Sysmiss 48
Interviewer instructions
You must probe by asking about the specific weather events listed under Question 3 - droughts, floods, hail storm, frosts, lightening, and rainstorms. Do not include pests or non-weather events - we will ask about these in other questions. Also, make sure the respondent includes events that affected the crop output - not crop storage. So, if a flood caused stored crops to be damaged, this should not be listed here (other questions will ask about stored crops).