Since Jan 2002 source of drinking water unusable (une39)
File: shocks
Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimals: 0
Range: 1-2
Valid cases: 813
Invalid: 0
Questions and instructions
Literal question
Since January 2002, has there been a period(s) of time where the source where you usually get drinking water was unusable?
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If answer is 2 > Go to section C (une43 - variable name in dataset).
Source of information
Primary male respondent
1 Yes 170 20.9%
2 No 643 79.1%
Interviewer instructions
These questions ask if the household has had drinking water problems at any time since January 2002 - you should ask if the household ever had problems with its usual water source - such as lack of water due to drought or contamination. If the household experienced such problems, record the date when each problem began and the duration of the problem. Also, ask for a brief description of why the water problem arose.