Have bank checking account (trc14b)
File: transfers
Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 6
Decimals: 0
Range: 0-400000
Valid cases: 1210
Invalid: 0
Questions and instructions
Pre question
Before I ask you the next question, I would like to stress that all the information collected on this questionnaire is completely confidential. The information you provide will not be divulged to other members of your family or your community, and will not be divulged to government authorities for tax purposes. Do you have any of the following?
Literal question
Bank current account? Amount in KSh.
Source of information
Both the primary male and female respondents.
0 Does not have 1197 99.7%
98 Won’t say 4 0.3%
Interviewer instructions
Other assets such as livestock or jewelry should not be included, even if the respondent things of these assets as savings. Before you ask the questions, stress the confidential nature of the interview and assure the respondent that information will not be divulged to anyone - not even the respondent's spouse/partner or village officials.

You must ask about money saved in the accounts listed in questions 14a - 14d, including money that is stored at home or at a neighbor's home.