Partner lives in household (qh08)
File: hh_roster
Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimals: 0
Range: 1-8
Valid cases: 1998
Invalid: 7713
Questions and instructions
Literal question
Partner of [NAME] lives in household?
Post question
If answer is 2 > Go to 10 (qh10 - variable name in dataset).
1 Yes 1924 96.3%
2 No 56 2.8%
8 18 0.9%
Sysmiss 7713
Interviewer instructions
Question 8 should only be asked for those household members that were reported to be married (code 1) or cohabitating (code 2) in question 7. Ask whether the partner lives in the household. Skip to question 10 if the partner does not live in the household. If the partner lives in the household, write the ID code (from column 1) of the partner. You may have to wait to do this until you have actually listed this person as a household member. If the person is not a member of the household, they will not be listed.