Highest grade completed - Level (qed03a)
File: education
Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimals: 0
Range: 1-4
Valid cases: 3969
Invalid: 254
Questions and instructions
All individuals in Section 1 of the household roster that are 6 years and older
Literal question
What is the highest grade that [NAME] has completed? Level.
Post question
If answer is 3 or 4 > Go to 7 (qed07 - variable name in dataset).
Source of information
primary female respondent
1 Nursery 390 9.8%
2 Primary 2606 65.7%
3 Secondary 892 22.5%
4 Post-sec. 81 2.0%
Sysmiss 254
Interviewer instructions
The highest grade completed is the last full grade completed, not the one in which the respondent is currently enrolled. For instance, if the respondent is currently enrolled in the third year of primary school, the highest grade completed is primary, 2 years. Post-secondary education refers to A-level and beyond. The first year of A-level counts as the first year of post-secondary education. Note that you must skip to question 7 after asking this question - you do not need to ask about reading, writing, and mathematical skills.