What would be the value of the garden (agrh08)
File: aghead_a
Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 8
Decimals: 0
Range: 98-13900000
Valid cases: 1844
Invalid: 384
Minimum: 98
Maximum: 13900000
Mean: 292717.4
Standard deviation: 775767.7
Questions and instructions
Literal question
What would be the value of this garden/shamba if you sold it today? Amount in
Post question
Exclude the value of any buildings on the land.
Source of information
The household head
Interviewer instructions
Ask the respondent to estimate the value of the shamba or garden. If the respondent does not know, you should probe by using several of these techniques:

· Have other fields been sold recently in the neighbor­hood or nearby in the village? Are these fields similar to the field in question? If yes, the value of a field that was recently sold in the area is an excellent indicator of price.
· Have neighbors offered to buy this field? If yes (and the price was a reasonable amount), this price is also a good indicator of the value of the field.
· Remember that location is an important determinant in the price of a field. Within a particular village, there will be a range of prices for field, and as you get to know the village, you will get to know this range.
Also, make sure the value of crops being grown on the land and the value of buildings and other properties on the land are not included.