Spent any time caring for animals in past 7 days (se07)
File: income
Type: Discrete
Format: numeric
Width: 1
Decimals: 0
Range: 1-2
Valid cases: 2835
Invalid: 972
Questions and instructions
All household members 8 years and older who worked on a field/garden of someone in the household or raised livestock in the past 7 days.
Literal question
In the past 7 days, has [NAME] spent any time caring for animals belonging to your household?
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If answer is 2 > Go to next person.
Source of information
Primary male respondent
1 Yes 2220 78.3%
2 No 615 21.7%
Sysmiss 972
Interviewer instructions
If the answer is NO, then you need to make sure that the answer to Question 2 is YES. Otherwise, there is a mistake. Remember that the individuals being discussed in this section were reported to have done farming activities on the household's own shambas or gardens in the past 7 days. So at least one of the answers to Questions 2 and 7 must be YES. If not, you should clarify why the answer to Section A - Question 4 is YES.