Quantity of crop hh produced during long & short rains in 2003 (agrhb2a)
File: aghead_b
Type: Continuous
Format: numeric
Width: 4
Decimals: 0
Range: 0-8000
Valid cases: 2147
Invalid: 0
Minimum: 0
Maximum: 8000
Mean: 76.2
Standard deviation: 454.9
Questions and instructions
Literal question
How much quantity of [Crop] did your household produce (for sale and for home consumption) during the long and short rains seasons of 2003? Quantity.
Source of information
The household head
Interviewer instructions
For the household head, ask how much quantity of the crop was grown by the respondent's household (excluding minor crops that were grown by the spouse) during the long and short rains of 2003. Make sure to record the unit code. Note that the quantity being asked for includes quantities that have been used for home consumption, sold in the market, and stored for future use/sale. Note the reference period: we are asking about output from crops that were grown during the main seasons of 2003 - do not include quantities that might have been harvested at the beginning of 2002 (which is soon after the short rains of 2002). Use the techniques suggested above if the respondent cannot recall how much he/she produced.